Beyond the Sectors Podcast

Episode 15: Beyond HEA Part 2

August 29, 2019


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Ana and Chelsea continue to discuss the Beyond HEA vignettes Bree and Donna wrote for their Patrons. All these shorts take place before the Gideon Rider Books and discuss how Kit Rocha continues to expand the worldbuilding and relationships beyond the original HEAs. All the stories discussed in the episode are now available for free to all readers on Kit Rocha's website including Flash.

Efficient: Mia plots make Sector Eight a little less predictable and efficient and a little bit more like home.
Fierce Protector (6:30): A sweet little vignette where Hawk brings home a puppy for Jeni.
A Little Bit Bad (10:58): Zan and Tatiana's sexy and playful interlude is interrupted by a badly timed delivery.
Flash (16:25): This flashback is set after Beyond Pain, where Flash and Amira share some sweet baby time together and Flash thinks about what kind of father he wants to be.


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