Beyond the Sectors Podcast

Episode 12: Beyond Surrender

July 17, 2019

This is the last official book in the Beyond Series but not the last Beyond the Sectors podcast! In this episode Chelsea and Ana gush about Nessa and Ryder's romance and tackle the explosive and powerful way Bree and Donna close out their series and set up what is next for the Sectors.
Chelsea and Ana discuss passion, purpose, loss of innocence, isolation and loneliness, grief, revenge, justice, all the other consequences of war, and the power of the ADHD representation. 

In Beyond Surrender, Nessa, the O'Kane Princess, everyone's little sister and the secret to O'Kanes fabulous liquor finally meets her match. Ryder has lived and trained for one purpose his whole life, and just he finally attains it he comes to realize he has never learned to dream for more, that is until he meets Nessa. Together they will face the ugliest bits of war and dream of life after it.

Also mentioned: Ashwin, Kora, Dallas, Lex, Flash, Amira, Stuart, Finn and pretty much everyone else!

And Ana rants about Knitting and we talk about Bree's crafting and the Kit Rocha Etsy Store.

Please send us your questions for Bree and Donna as we plan to have a special  Q&A episode with them soon!

Books Mentioned:

The Complete Beyond Series Book Bundle
Beyond the HEA Stories
Gideon's Riders
The Silver Devils/Mercenary Librarians

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Chelsea Outlaw co-hosts the Not Now I’m Reading podcast with Kay Taylor Rea.  She is @anoutlawlife on Twitter.

Ana Coqui reviews romance, SFF and more at AnaCoqui: Immersed in Books and Love in Panels and on Twitter



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