Beyond the Sectors Podcast

Beyond HEA shorts: 6th Sense, Makhai, Diplomacy (Sector Three Style) & Zombies

December 5, 2019

This week Ana, Chelsea and Baby Outlaw laugh and gurgle their way through a few more of the Kit Rocha Beyond the HEA shorts. This week we focus on four stories set in Sector One after Ashwin.

6th Sense Ashwin and Kora wrestle with all the unknowns around their baby.

Makhai In this unsettling short, we get the POV of Samson, another Makhai who is watching over Ashwin and Kora and may or may not be as well calibrated as he thinks he is.

Diplomacy Sector Three Style: Gideon and Six share lemonade and discuss the weight of leadership and the power of loyalty. And we like Gideon just adore the kind of leader Six is growing up to be.

Zombies Laurel and Zeke, play a game together late at night and have a surprisingly emotional friendship breakthrough.

We will be back in two weeks to discuss High Priestess, Girls Night Out, and Gia.

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